About this Web Site, Why?

I started this web page because I thought the public needed a down-to-earth (practical) family physician perspective of medicine and health.  I firmly believe that the more educated the patient is about health issues, the healthier they will be.  Nowadays though health and medicine are becoming more complicated and the Information Age is overwhelming us.  There is almost too much information, sometimes even for a doctor.  How is a patient going to sift through all of this information and decide what's important and what's useful.  How will you decide who to believe, who is reliable, who has a personal agenda or bias?  My hope is to provide a way of guiding the patient through all of this information overload and simplify this process for you.

As a family physician, I can take care of the 90% of patients' problems, and if I can't then I find out the answer or work with consultants to help that patient.  Let me know you you want to know or what you are thinking.

Dr. Ebersole


About me

familyI became a family physician because I wanted to be able to help patients with all aspects of their health. I wanted to be able to deliver babies and be a family physician to them, their parents, and their grandparents.  Now after 18 years in family practive, having deliveried 1000 babies, and taken care of thousands of patients and their problems, I have not been disappointed in the rewards of being a family physician.  I know these many patients have touched my life and I hope that I have done the same for them. 


I now practice in a wonderful midwest town and am still thoroughly enjoying family practice. 

  • Medical School

  • Ohio State University 1977
  • Residency

  • 3 year Family Practice Residency
  • Riverside Hospital, Columbus Ohio 1980
  • Private Practice - since 1980

1) Past question writer for the American Board of Family Practice
2) Started the First Mobile Mammography Service in Columbus Ohio

Married with 2 children Ages 10 and 7.


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page last updated on January 3rd 2001