From Nov. 15 to Dec. 31, beneficiaries can change their Medicare-approved drug discount card or enroll for the first time. The National Council on Aging offers assistance on an array of topics, including how to choose a card, at http://www.ncoa.org/content.cfm?sectionID=214 . CMS has information on the drug cards and Medicare health plans that include prescription drug coverage at http://www.medicare.gov/ -- click on "Prescription Drug and Other Assistance Programs" and other topics, such as "Medicare Replacement Drug Demonstration" for low-cost drugs patients administer themselves at home. In addition, many drug companies are collaborating in the Partnership for Prescription Assistance, offering helpful materials at http://www.helpingpatients.org . Several drug companies in the U Share Prescription Drug Discount Card program are offering low-income Medicare beneficiaries an annual fee of $19.95 for a card and copays of $10 to $30 for a 30-day supply of a drug. For information, go to http://www.usharerx.com/ .

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page last updated on January 17th 2000