Reduce reaction: Wear long sleeves and gloves.Don't rub you're face. After exposure wash immediately. Wash clothes.
(Self) treatment:
(mild cases)

If the rash is mild and in a few places only, use calamine lotion or Caladryl or any cortisone cream , examples: Cortizone Cortaid Rhuli gel oral Benadryl.
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(severe cases)
See your doctor. Steroids(cortisone) by mouth or injection are necessary to
suppress your body's response to the poison ivy irritant. The dosage must be strong enough and long enough to be effective. I find that the 6 day prepackaged dosepaks of cortisone often times are not enough for the severe cases of poison ivy, so I usually prescribe my own regimen. (Have your doctor email me if he or she would like it.)
Is it contagious? NO (short answer)
Technically, you cannot get poison ivy from someone after they've
broken out with the rash, although if you touch them, their clothes,or a pet after they have rubbed against the plant, then you could react.
If it weeps:

In severe cases when there are "water blisters" you can use baking soda ompresses. (recipe available for member).

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