Coronovirus in real life doctoring

Today I discharged a 79 year old lady from the hospital. She tested positive for Covid 19 but really had presented to the emergency room 4 days ago with a swollen leg. Turned out she had a DVT (blood clot) involving her entire leg. She also had a mild cough and an infiltrate (small pneumonia) which turned out to be from Covid 19. While probing her history further, and knowing as her family doctor that she took care of her twin grandchildren, I asked “if the kids were sick”.
“No, the kids are not sick”, but as she explained more fully, they had recently stayed with their mother, who had tested positive for Covid 19.
Fortunately, the patient improved with treatment for the blood clot. I told her to self quarantine at home for 2 weeks.
I am additionally worried about her husband with emphysema, contracting Covid. I instructed her to watch him closely for signs of respiratory problems.
Tonight I watched Dr Scott Gotlieb discuss his current thinking on gradually trying to reopen parts of our society.
I appreciate his intelligent and thoughtful comments.
I definitely recommend listening to what he says. But also keep in mind, even the best of “experts” with the best intentions, are only making their best predictions. So we will just have to see how this all plays out, doing our best as we go.