Cute little baby

I’ve never had a baby who would smile and smile through all the adversity of visiting a doctor’s office. Little Monica*, who is by now l0 months old, just makes my day when she comes in. No matter if she has an ear infection, bronchitis, or is in for a well-baby check and shots, Monica is always happy and smiling.

Monica’s mother is a positive personality which certainly transfers to her baby. But you know what – Monica is adopted, which makes her all the more special and probably explains why this first-time mother wants to have her special baby checked frequently for her illnesses. I don’t mind. 

Today Monica was getting over a viral illness. She had a fever ( Link to our fever page) up to 101° yesterday, had vomited some, and was pulling at her right ear. She also was teething according to her mother. My nurse and I picked on Monica today in trying to remove a large chunk of wax from her right ear. Finally, we were successful and I could see the eardrum. No ear infection today. Her mother was relieved and Monica smiled through it all.