I spent extra time today with Rita*. She told me she “just can’t handle it anymore”. She is 45 years old, divorced, and worrying terribly about her 22-year-old daughter, who just moved out on her own and refuses to take care of her own diabetes. Rita works very hard 7 days a week running her own cleaning business in addition to waitressing on the side. She feels as if she should be able to “control” her daughter’s diabetes and the inability to do this seems to be the basis of her depression. She had to go home from work today because she was crying. In addition, she has no energy, she can’t sleep very well, and she has lost 5 lbs. Fortunately, she denies wanting to harm herself or anyone else.

As she was quite upset, anxious, and agitated, I could not provide much insight today, only a lot of listening and support. I am hopeful that by starting Prozac and a short course of Xanax, she will feel improved enough in 2 weeks when I see her again, that we will be able to delve into some of her issues a little more. I did suggest seeing a counselor in addition to me but she declined for the time being. She did promise to call me if she felt worse or became suicidal.