Poems of a Patient

When you’ve taken care of people long enough to develop a bond, they share things with you. With permission, I am sharing two poems by Lisa Buckmaster (her real name).

Who are you?
Do you hurt and knock people down to fulfill your needs
Do you use people to do your dirty deeds
Are you the only one you see Is your ego bigger than me
Do you always take instead of give
Would you take a life or help it live
Thinking of only yourself you’ll surely not succeed
Years of sorrow, loneliness and pain you would lead
If you give instead of take
A happy heart and life you’ll make
If you help someone up instead of knocking them down
You will always have someone to love around

What’s Inside
Open you Heart and Mind, Feel and See
What God gives to you and me

Most people walk through life only seeing through their eyes
They can’t feel others sorrow, pain heartaches and sighs.

God made us all the same
No matter what color, size, wealth, age or name
No matter who you are, you are no better than any other
You need to Love, Support and Respect Each other
Everyone can be Good or Bad
It’s what you can say and do that makes God and you Happy or Sad