Ritalin Story

Ritalin can be a wonderful drug for helping some people with ADD (Attention deficit disorder). Infrequently, it is an abused drug, and therefore, doctors have to constantly be on the lookout for drug-seeking behavior.

Some of the stories doctors get about lost Ritalin prescriptions are downright obvious and boring; for example, “someone stole my prescription”. Some are quite creative and worthy of commendation, like today’s effort by Justin.

Justin had tried the routine stories before. Today he called the receptionist first thing in the morning, telling her that he had left his latest prescription for Ritalin in the pants pocket of a pair of pants he had donated to Goodwill. My receptionist, being the astute person she is, found it hard to believe this latest story, but played along. First, she complimented him on his charitable donation and then suggested that he go to Goodwill and search for the lost prescription. We both thought we wouldn’t hear anymore from Justin, so we were both humored when he called back later in the day and told us he had indeed climbed into the Goodwill box and retrieved his Ritalin prescription. Do you think Justin was just keeping his options open for future Ritalin stories? I hope they’re good ones.