Sleep Apnea

John Maple* is one of my successfully treated sleep apnea patients. He now wears the pressurized mask system to sleep at night and he is amazed at how good he feels. He is no longer fatigued all the time. I’m certainly glad he is better because he is a long-haul truck driver.

Today after he and I reminded ourselves how had he used to feel and how good (Link to Patel) he was doing now, we checked his blood pressure and talked again about losing weight. He is 5’ 6″ and weighs 300 lbs.

( I just wonder if societies without so much obesity have a sleep apnea epidemic.)

John has only been able to lose 5 lbs since I started seeing him. I praised his meager efforts of l0 minutes walking per day, and encouraged continued improvement. He states that truck stop food just wasn’t meant to lose weight on. I guess I’d have to agree with that so we decided to emphasize the exercise part of the equation. He left the office smiling.