Two Lacerations for the Price of One

The weirdest thing happened this morning. Being a Saturday morning, we schedule some routine checks and leave time for the acute visits and “call-ins”. Fortunately then, we had plenty of time to take care of what happened to one of my patient families.

Mrs. Miller cut her finger with a kitchen knife while preparing a meal. While I was suturing the laceration, Mr. Miller, who was sitting next to his wife, giving her moral support, receives a call on his cellular phone. He announces to us all that their 8-year-old son had just cut his finger on a cat food can lid. The timing was perfect, because as I was finishing the suture repair on his wife, Mr. Miller was able to drive home and bring his son back to the office.

Yes indeed, the 8-year old boy also needed stitches. I sutured his finger laceration without any problem to complete the family affair of lacerations. Mother and son healed well, and 10 days later I was able to remove the sutures for both of them.